Saturday, February 11, 2006


First of all we would like to thank all of you who have commented thus far! Your encouragement and comments mean so very much to both of us. Our calling to do this is a direct calling from God but because we are human we have had our moments of weakness and confusion! Your words, thoughts and prayers will carry us on to our goal of helping the hurricane victims not only rebuild their homes and businesses, but also their lives and their faith!
The past few days have been racked with emotional ups and downs. In the past entry I told you about the 95 Ford truck that was given to us---praise God! It has required some "fine tuning" and thus we are delayed another day. At this point it looks like we will be pulling out on Tuesday morning----appropriately, Valentine's Day! Without the absolute angels at Tire & Wheel Center (Tony & Joe) here at home this would not be possible! These 2 men have worked and worked and worked to get our truck ready. They have stayed after their normal closing times and worked well into the evenings and Saturday just to make sure this truck is safe, not to mention doing all of this without any compensation whatsoever! Like I said, true angels! (And their boss is a pretty good guy himself!!!!!!!)
We have spoken to so many people this week in an attempt to get the word out. Our local newspaper will be coming to our home for an interview and photo session today. They heard about what we are doing and thought it would make for some good news-----a nice change for the news!
We were also blessed to start off our Monday morning with a call from our State Representative, Peggy Welch. How many times does one get blessed, first thing on a Monday morning, with prayer from our State Rep!? Thank you Peggy, and thank you for all you do for all of us! You have been, and continue to be, such a blessing to the people of your home state of Mississippi!
There are some other "angels" that I need to mention. We had an idea of creating some type of emblem for our truck telling about our mission. We took the idea to Everywhere Signs here in town and a gentleman named Ryan took our idea and ran with it. We now have 2 magnetic signs for our truck that are vastly beyond anything we could have dreamed up! He took the words, Mississippi Missions Project and combined them with a white cross in the background and bright orange and yellow backgrounds and made a dream come true. The color orange was the favorite color of our best friend who just passed away a couple of weeks ago and we wanted to dedicate this truck to him (Chuck). Ryan also made a license plate for the front of the truck that has the same background colors of orange and yellow and put the name "Chuck" on it----we miss you Chuck and thank Cathy for letting us honor you this way!
Tomorrow is our "send off" at our church and I plan to carry nothing less than a bath towel with me as I know my tears will not stop. We know we are called by God to do this mission and are so very ready to go, but that doesn't make it any easier to leave our families and friends and friends that have become family! That pain will be tough! We had hoped to drive the truck and pull the camper to the church for all to see but that will not happen. We will be opening our house after services for all who would like to come by and see it and send us off. The same will be going on Monday also!
For now, I must end this and get on with the rest of the day and see what God has in store for us today! What we have looked at as a delay all this week was only God telling us He wasn't quite ready for us to go yet! And who am I to argue with God? He always knows what is best, and He always wins!!!!
Thanks again to everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Please don't stop!
For anyone reading this and thinking you would like to help support our mission, donations are all being sent through our home church: Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277,
Bloomington, IN 47402. No donation is too small and all will receive a tax certificate. But most of all, each and every donation will go directly to the hurricane victims. Just write "hurricane relief" in the memo section of your check,
If you question the authenticity of this or would like more information, please call Pastor Dave Schunk at Vineyard at 812-336-4602.
Until next time, Susan & Monty


penny said...

Susan and Monty, you have truly been a blessing in my life and helped me get through some really tough times. I am quite sure that you will bless many more lives in Mississippi. You will sure be missed.

KatySue said...

Hey Aunt Susan and Uncle Monty!!!!!!! Good Luck with the drive down, we will be thinking of you!! Love Yall, katy sue

Tara said...

Aunt Judy and Uncle Tony sent me your blog, and now i have myself, husband, sister in law and friends watching this. i know you will be busy, but dont forget your followers! You will be blessed in many ways for this long after this is done and we are all thinking about you! Good luck!