Thursday, October 31, 2013

She's Just That Special

I don't even remember when I first met her.  I had heard about her over the years, Monty's mother spoke very highly of her and considered her a dear and trusted friend.

I do know that when we came back from Texas she was going to have hip replacement surgery.  I decided to go and see her in the hospital and while I was there I prayed for her.  We talked and talked as if we'd known one another for years.

While I was visiting her one day the nurse came in the door with all sorts of protective clothing and such and "announced" that she had caught this bacteria "thing" and that anyone coming to visit must cover themselves with all this gown, mask and gloves "attire".  There I sat (not covered) and when I told the nurse I didn't need any of that (I knew God was protecting me as He's the one that sent me there in the first place) the nurse just smiled and then proceeded to answer the many questions I had. 

The very first thing my friend asked me was "does this mean you won't pray for me now?"  Not only did I assure her that I would -- I did -- and kissed her forehead before I left!

I also remember going to visit with her while she was in rehabilitation therapy and how we would laugh as we visited!  Her spirit of wanting to be completely healed was contagious!  Her laughter even more!  She had the nurses and other patients laughing and we all know that THAT is the best kind of medicine!

After she was released from all her therapy and such she decided she was going to "visit" our church.  She was a life long member of another church but due to some circumstances !!  she wanted to try someplace new. 

She's been at our church ever since!!!!

Her past church did get a new minister a couple of years ago and she thought she'd to back.  She went a couple of Sundays and returned to worship with us and has stayed.

She and Pastor Dave have developed such a wonderful relationship and the love they have for each other is also contagious. 

She now attends a small group Bible study and one of her sons comes along with her.  She jokes that sometimes she doesn't hear everything due to her hearing aids --- but she doesn't miss a class!

This past Sunday she was baptized!!  Yes, she had been sprinkled when she was an infant and in her "speech" before being baptized she said that being sprinkled was for her parents.  Being immersed was now for her!  She thanked her family and friends for being there.  Her other son was not going to attend but in the end said he would do it for her because she had done so much for him!  He wasn't sorry he came!!!!

I've seen a lot of baptisms but this one . . . I saw God there!   As Monty and one of her sons helped her up the steps and into the baptism tank and Pastor Dave helped lift her leg --- Monty stepped up and assisted Pastor Dave in baptizing her.  As she went under you could already hear the praises going up!  The congregation also loves this friend of mine and seeing her do this, hearing why -- it was priceless!  As she came up, hair slicked back, a smile on her face that was bigger than I've ever seen another human have --- the angels were singing and God was smiling!  The cheers of excitement and joy rang out through the whole church and I wondered if she was just going to sit in there for awhile!  Monty had told her ahead of time that we would need to call the EPA to remove the water since it would be filled with so much sin! 

It was a glorious morning, a morning where --- as I watched Monty help in her baptism --- I saw healing take place that I cannot find the words for!  God was right there, fulfilling His plan in His perfect timing and I am so grateful and thankful and overjoyed! 

She may have gotten baptized but my prayers were also answered in a big way.  God showed me how much He is the author of my life and that He is always right next to me!

She's a wonderful and trusted and beloved friend of mine!  A gift from God to me!  A gift I didn't even know I needed!

Ms Judy Mc ---- thank you for being you!  Thank you for being my friend!  Thank you for being baptized and most of all --- thank you for listening to God and obeying Him!

I look forward to what He has in store for all of us!

Yep folks --- she's just that special!           

Until next time . . .                                                                                  Susan

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