Saturday, October 19, 2013

Over 31 times in 1 hour

I've known it for all of the over 15 years we've been married.  Now I am feeling guilty for not making the appointment sooner.  But help IS on the way -- and it will help both of us!

Monty had a sleep study done this past week.  I have known he stops breathing in his sleep, amid the snoring that I hope the neighbors don't hear and that sometimes drives me into the spare bedroom in the middle of the night.  But I had no idea!

After only 2 hours into the study the nurses came in and said he HAD to use the machine.  He had stopped breathing over 31 times in both the first and second hours!!!!!  They were shocked and got him set up quickly. 

After sleeping with the machine for about 5 hours he woke up on his own and said he thought he had just taken a "nap" and yet wondered why he was able to be awake enough to answer questions and even complete paperwork!  He had never felt that rested and was really surprised when he realized just how long he had actually slept!

We now await the doctors review of the complete test.  That could take a couple of weeks as the had so many wires and machines hooked up at the same time; checking heart and brain and who knows what else.  But there is NO question --- he WILL be getting a machine and this morning he told me he doesn't remember anticipating anything with this much excitement!

I think he will be a new man - literally!  And he may find he doesn't need some of the medications he takes!

So . . . we wait  . . . in anticipation of a real nights sleep . . . for both of us!

Until next time . . . God is SO good!  And He doesn't need to sleep!                      Susan

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