Saturday, November 09, 2013

It's not by accident . . .

This week has had a couple of Mondays in it.

School was in session on Monday, closed Tuesday (national election day - with or without elections) and then back to school Wednesday.  It felt like starting the week twice.

But . . . it did allow me time to go to Bible study on Tuesday.  My schedule has just been so tight lately and I have really missed attending weekly.  This time my dear, sweet friend Bev picked me up and it was another amazing morning.  The young son of our assistant pastors had a Word for us, individually.

As he called up each person, one by one, I didn't think he would call me up.  He doesn't know me all that well and I just hadn't even thought about it.  I guess I didn't realize that God does know me!

As he called my name I wondered what I would be hearing.  After all, this kid is a kid!  But again, I forgot that the voice might be from a kid -- but the Words behind it would be God's!  It's tough when our human side is so human!

He told me "it's not by accident that you are driving a school bus!"  He told me how I was planting seeds into each of these children and even though I felt they couldn't understand me because I don't speak their foreign language - God was the one doing the interpreting and they totally understand me!

He then talked about how the seeds I am planting in them are going all over the world.  Some of my bus kids have already left and returned to their home countries, China, Turkey and Korea.  And another is just awaiting final travel plans before returning to Taiwan.  I hadn't thought about that and it shed some new light on things for me.

I admit that many times I have wondered why I am driving a school bus!  Let's face it, it's not been one of the things on my "bucket list" and really not something I ever even thought about!  And I have indeed felt like "why am I here doing this?"

But after Tuesday morning -- I now feel differently and thank God for using this young man to speak His Words to me!

I knew I had really missed going to Bible study.  I had missed seeing my friends.  But what I found is that I had missed hearing from God a lot more!!!!!

Keep your listening ears open because God has a way of using those whom we least expect to speak His Word to us!

Until next time . . . thank you Samuel for being obedient and not only hearing from God but obeying!  You changed my thought process for sure!                                              Susan

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