Thursday, December 06, 2012

Waiting . . .

It's been a busy week, but what else is new!

I've been caring for my elderly neighbor lady, Ms Gladys, every day.  Yesterday was her 89th birthday so I took her a pair of fleece pajamas.  She lives in pjs every day all day and since she hardly weighs 90 pounds soaking wet I figured she would love them.  And I was right.  Even though she couldn't see the pretty pink color she had a smile that told me she could feel the color!  She is such a joy in my life!

Today I headed to her house to mow her lawn.  Yes, in December!  The gentleman who mowed for her has had back surgery so . . . I was able to mulch all her leaves and make it look alot better.  And once again I had the feeling she could see it without seeing it.

I had a meeting with Rebecca this afternoon.  She may have resources for me to tap into to help Ms Gladys with some things.  It was an info packed meeting and on Monday I will be calling to see what's available.

Tomorrow I am heading to help my mother serve Christmas dinner to her church district "top dogs."  Ok -- I know they're not called that --- especially being church folks --- but you get the picture.  Just last year Mom had to convince her church that she could do their district dinner and make it great.  She did more than convince them -- this year the district asked to have her do it again!!!!  Go Mom!  So I will have a fun day helping her put together all the food and then getting to help serve the guests that evening.  I stand in awe at my Mom -- she will be 80 years old in March and even I have a tough time keeping up with her!   (she might not appreciate my announcement of her upcoming age but it's a BIG compliment!)

And I just received an email about the grant request I submitted for our local COAD.  I was just wondering how we fared since they originally said they would announce the grant recipients by mid November -- and now they ask each organization requesting funds to come to a meeting where we will have about 3 minutes to plead our case -- in front of the local tv people!  My first prayer is that we receive funds but my first prayer should be that I am able to keep my case pleading to 3 minutes!!!!  Yes --- you can laugh and agree in that prayer!    :)

Just one of the messages written on the framed homes in Holton.

Until next time . . . Your will be done, Lord.  Your will.                                Susan and Monty

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