Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

I realize most of you may not even read this until . . . and that's the way it should be as you spend precious time with family and friends.

But I have to share Ms Gladys wonderful Christmas Eve with you --- in hopes that you will realize just how special this baby Jesus really is!

A few days ago Pastor Dave called me and asked if I thought Ms Gladys would enjoy some of the church folks coming over after the Christmas Eve church service.  I thought it was a wonderful idea and so did she when I checked with her.  After all, she would be spending that evening and all of today alone.

Rich, with his wife and guitar, Pastor Dave and his wife Lisa, son John, daughter Susie, son in law Josh and their 2 little ones came over and we all sang a few carols.  We noticed that Ms Gladys was trying to sing along and when Rich suggested we close with Silent Night she really did sing out!  Her voice brought smiles to the entire room and it broke my heart that she couldn't see them -- but I know she felt them.  They were smiles of love and true Christmas joy!!!

After the singing she wasn't the only one surprised!  Pastor Dave and family had brought her a gift.  As we placed the absolutely huge box on her little lap and watched her try and catch her breath from the excitement - we decided little Lily would be good and helping open the gift.  At 2 years old she is just learning how fun it is to unwrap gifts.  When Ms Gladys opened it up and felt the soft and fuzzy and very large blanket she was nearly speechless!  I explained to her about the colors and all she could do was hug that blanket and try as best she could to express her thanks! 

Pastor Dave also brought her a tin of his special Chex Mix -- a recipe handed down for generations in his family.  She was thrilled it wasn't candy (she has low blood sugar) and knew she would get great enjoyment from all the different things in the mix.

As everyone was getting ready to leave Pastor Dave asked if we could all pray for her.  She smiled and said "please do."  We gathered round and placed our hands on her shoulders and prayed.  She joined in, speaking in tongues as she does when the Holy Spirit comes over her, and she started quoting scriptures and was completely overjoyed with the love of Jesus surrounding her and all of us in that little family room.

After everyone had gone I stayed to help clean up a few things.  As she started down her hallway cuddling close her new blanket --- she just stopped and bent forward and sobbed!  She said she had never felt such love from anyone and that the blanket was just "too much" for her to take in!  We stood in that hallway for a few seconds as we talked about the love of Jesus and how much He loves her!  She smiled and we went on down the hallway to put the blanket in her special bedroom. 

We sat at the table for a few minutes and just talked about the evening.  She then started crying again as she talked about how special it would be to share the evening festivities with her sister (who is older than her)!!!!!! 

I know I will share in the Christmas gifts and food and fun and laughter at my parents' house this afternoon -- and will share again with my children and grandchildren this weekend -- but last night just might have been the best Christmas Eve ever for me!!!!!!!

My Christmas prayer for everyone is that God brings someone in your life that you may not know so well in the beginning --- but be watchful --- for that person is chosen especially by Him --- to enrich your life like you can't imagine!!!

My sincere thanks to Pastor Dave for this idea and for truly being the hands and feet (and voice) of our loving Jesus Christ !!!!!

May you all have a blessed and truly Merry Christmas!!                       Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

What a precious time! Hope you both had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating our Savior.