Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rough Night --- Better Day

Night 1 was a little more than rough for Monty and his newly rebuilt "bionic" toe.

He slept in the recliner deciding that trying to get in and out of the bed was just too difficult.  With his pain meds he figured things would go pretty well.   But . . . things didn't go quite as well as he expected.  He was up and down and finally did get some sleep going on early morning.

Today has been better.  He has been up on his crutches more and getting the hang of how to work them.  He's been taking the pain meds regularly and hopefully tonight will be an improvement. 

He has a goal of getting to church tomorrow morning but . . . time will tell.

Thanks again for all the prayers.  Our grandchildren were over this afternoon and each one had made a special get well card for him --- bringing such joy that tears almost joined the joy!

Until next time . . . God is the ultimate healer!                       Susan and Monty

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