Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"The blind will see . . ."

There's a line in one of my favorite songs about how "the blind will see . . ."

Oh how I wish God would grant a miracle to my little neighbor lady, Ms Gladys, and allow her to regain her sight! 

She turned 89 last week and although she had a wonderful day, she has been struggling ever since.  Years ago she had a fall and broke one of her shoulders and arm.  For some unknown reason this area has been hurting her lately.  This afternoon she told me how she cried aloud to God last night begging Him to relieve her pain!

When I asked her if anything helped she mentioned her heating pad but since being blind she has been unable to get it plugged in or know how to work the switch.

She knew right where it was and after locating it I got it plugged in for her (the plug was behind the bed) and taped the cord to the headboard of her bed.   This way she can have the pad on the bed and not worry about the cord falling on the floor and not being able to find it to change the temperature or turn it off when she wants. 

I took her hands and taught her how to feel the switch and show me that she could operate it easily. 

She was so excited that the tears streamed down her cheeks in appreciation. 

We just don't realize our blessings -- the ones we take for granted oh so easily!

Every afternoon when I visit with her I realize more and more her isolation.  Even though she talks by phone with both of her sisters (ages 93 and 86) every day -- it's not the same.  She can't even step her foot outside for fear of falling.  She doesn't get the fresh air at any time except when she does open the back door to let Benji out in the partially fenced yard.  She lives in her pajamas all the time and can't even take out her own trash!

I have grown to love this tiny little lady more and more.  God has gifted her to me and I am so thankful.  She's always there to listen -- in fact -- she can't wait to hear about my day -- complete with all the details.  Her love for the Lord is unsurpassed and such and encouragement to me!  When the Holy Spirit comes over her she gets up and sings and dances like she's 18 again!

But my heart aches for her -- if only she could see -- just a little bit -- just enough to know if it's day or night -- just enough to be able to once again sit on her front porch and enjoy some fresh air -- if only . . .

Won't you join me in praying for this miracle!  After all --- Christmas is the season for miracles, even though God isn't limited to Christmas --- but it sure would be a great gift!!

Until next time . . . let's all remember to NOT take our sight (no matter how poor) for granted and thank God for it daily!                                                       Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Aww...bless her heart; and yours. Praise God He has sent you to minister to this precious saint in her time of need. I will join you in praying for a miracle. Love you!