Wednesday, January 02, 2008

"Happy"?? New Year ??

Isn't amazing how we all cringe at the thought of change? Why is it that most people are content to stay in a place where they are unhappy, unfulfilled and resentful because of both but yet baulk at the mention of change?

The New Year always brings about change. We all sit back and watch the clock tick and the ball drop feeling sadness at the "loss" of the past year and yet not so sure we are ready for the New Year. And when the clock strikes and the ball drops we realize that those next minutes don't feel much different than the last. It's just tough getting used to writing a new year number on paperwork!

God is a God of change and yet He is the only constant, dependable thing in our lives! He promises to always be with us and never leave us! And yet, I think because we can't physically see Him, we fear change! If we truly trust Him how can we fear change? Food for thought . . .

I am convinced that if we all focused more on gratitude we would fear change less. I thought I would go through the past 12 months and list just one thing I am grateful for. Might you try the same thing? Try it and see how difficult it is to think of only one thing, how many more things pop into your mind; before you know it you will find yourself smiling and possibly thinking a bit more positively about changes that WILL take place this coming year.

January: we started our classes (including homework) at our missions sending agency.
February: we were booked solid with teams of volunteers.
March: the speed build of Mike and Faye's house was a huge success.
April: we hosted our last 2 teams (CA & IA) before Convoy of Hope closed their operations on the coast.
May: we relocated our disaster missions to New Orleans (and I turned a year older).
June: we graduated from our missions sending agency AND were ordained into the ministry.
July: we learned that deep, intense sweating really does cleanse your pores, and the rest of your body.
August: we made a trip home, the first in over 9 months.
September: God called us home for a much needed and long overdue sabbatical.
October: we learned just how tired we were and how not so easy it is to relax.
November: we spent Thanksgiving with family, something we had not done in 2 years.
December: God called us to return to MS and continue rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes.

What an amazing year it was! God worked so many miracles right in front of our eyes that sometimes I felt as though I couldn't take them all in! And each and every miracle came in the form of change!

Do I have reservations and fears and cringe at the thought of starting a brand new year?
NO WAY!!!!! I welcome it with open arms, I welcome God's presence and pray for His miracles and His peace!!!

Each year of my life He shows up more and more!! I better get ready for this year and it's guaranteed to be awesome beyond dreams!!!

Get yourself an attitude of gratitude and open your heart and mind up to hear, see and feel the presence of our truly Almighty Lord!!

Until next time . . . Happy New Year!! Susan and Monty

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