Thursday, January 24, 2008

Warm thoughts??

The sun is shining, there is a light covering of snow on the ground, the temps are in the single digits and the wind chills are below zero!

And we are packing our camper trailer getting ready to head south! I think the birds are even jealous!

We are really excited to get there, even though it will be a 2 day journey. Pulling 11,000 pounds behind Monty's truck makes is nearly impossible to even reach the speed limit let alone go over it!

We also want to "dangle the carrot" to you out there who might be thinking of putting together a team to come and work with us and spread more blessings among those who feel as though hurricane Katrina was yesterday. We just received our set of house plans for our next Speed Build! Yes, this time we actually have plans, not just a drawing on a piece of graph paper!

Joe will be heading up the team from West Virginia for yet another fantastic week! They are in their own planning meetings getting the jobs divided up between workers and trucks filled with tools and things they will need. Somewhere in there they will throw in a blanket or sheet to sleep on. Sleep is something not easily found during those builds but smiles are abundant.

We don't know this family just yet but we do know they are handicapped as we will be building a ramp. This home must be built 12 feet in the air! Yes, 12 feet! That means more pilons, more digging, more concrete to set them and everyone working 2 stories in the air doing every single thing needing done to build the house!

The week of building has not been set as yet but we are looking at the end of Feb or first of March.

West Virginia would more than welcome those of you who are skilled in construction, or some form of construction. Things move like clockwork that week and the more skilled hands there are the timelier the clockwork.

Be sure and stay tuned in to the blog. Things are about to start happening, God is moving and people are going to finally be able to "go home" again.

The rebuilding of lives through rebuilding of homes is about to go into another chapter and we are so excited to see what God has in store. He already has the chapters written. All we have to do is stay obedient, listening to only His voice and following only His path.

Come along with us, whether in person or through the blog!

Once again, we guarantee only ONE thing --- your life WILL be changed!

Until next time . . . when we are hopefully a bit warmer. . . . Susan and Monty (and Bitty and Samson, of course)

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