Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The light isn't an oncoming train

Blogger is having photo "issues" again this evening!

The past couple of days have been quite busy, mostly with getting settled. Monty spent all of today resealing the roof of our camper as we discovered during last nights thunder storm that there was a leak -- right over top of our bed! And, of course, we discovered it AFTER the rains stopped and the bed was wet. We also discovered that if one uses a hair dryer to dry out the sheets and blankets that one should also unplug the ceramic heater BEFORE using said hair dryer or one will blow a circuit!! The fascinating details of trailer life!! Let the storms come back tonight -- we're ready for them (we think).

Getting settled is always a challenge. We tried to locate ourselves as close to the bath house as possible so we could shower there and save on our own water usage. Since we cannot hard-pipe into the sewer line we will need to pick up stakes and drive to the dump station each time the tanks fill. To avoid doing this as much as possible we use the shower house. We have also learned which showers have water pressure and which ones don't! And walking through the trees at night using a flash light is a new adventure also. Thank goodness for the Best Buy gift certificate from our daughter, Lindsay, we now have walkie talkies we can use to keep and "ear" out for each other. And then there are the set of steps up from the living area to the bedroom -- Monty found them the hard way during the night! I moved the night light closer to that area so he can now see when he is going to the kitchen during the night! Like I said, the details of getting settled can bring quite the laugh!!

We were so blessed to spend last evenings dinner with our dear friends from Wisconsin, Tony and Shirley. They are back, once again, for another month of volunteering in whatever way they can. They are working through the Lutheran effort here and are really being "stretched" in their skills and abilities. They spent their first week blowing insulation in the attics of homes and needless to say also spent time finding the local chiropractor who made it possible for them to continue to crawl into the attics! It was so good to see them and we look forward to having a couple more weeks to see them. They might even come and sit by one of our fires some evening!

That brings me to the update on Diane's mother. She is doing much better and if this continues she might be coming home in the next couple of days!! Thank you so much for your prayers!!!

As for Monty's uncle . . . he is now hospitalized since falling the other night. He is just too weak and needs to be where he can be monitored on a constant basis. The family thanks you for your prayers and asks that they continue as time is of the essence.

We also pray for our home Pastor, Pastor Dave and his wife Lisa who are in Costa Rico on a mission trip. Around 5 years ago they started planting churches there and are on a return trip to turn those churches over to the communities! What an awesome outreach and blessing!!

Back to us. . . we are busy looking at homes that have either had (or are in the process of having) work done to return them to real homes. We met Ms Clark yesterday who is enjoying her brand new home. Her old one was replaced with a brand new one and the smile on her face is a permanent fixture.

We also went to other homes that needed assessed for damages and the paperwork process started to get them the help and repairs needed. The Case Managers are the ones who meet with the homeowners and get them through the paperwork and processes to be able to receive funding and/or repairs done. It's quite the process but more and more people are receiving the help they desperately need. Yesterday I was speaking with a gentleman via the phone who was telling me his "story". No doubt he has told his story a thousand times over the past years and still has yet to receive help. When I assured him we had now started the process and would do whatever we could to help him he broke down in tears and told me "you made my day" and now he "could see the light at the end of the tunnel and realized it wasn't an oncoming train!" And all I did was speak with him on the phone! BUT . . . what he really got was a ray of HOPE!! That's all anyone is looking for! These people have lost everything and have spent 100% of their time over these past 2 and 1/2 years doing whatever they could to just survive! They have not had the time to emotionally process anything! And it is beginning to not only show, but take it's toll!

As I have said before --- the need is sooooo great!!!

We will continue to do what we can, to listen to God's calling, to His direction, and do our best to be obedient to that call and do whatever it is He would have us do. We do know we are where He wants us to be, where we need to be, where He is speaking to us!

We are at "home"! Thank you for making that possible with your prayers and financial support!

Blessings to all until next time . . . Susan and Monty

PS In case you lost the info or forgot or are reading for the first time. . . We are "funded" by the donations of people such as yourselves, a dollar at a time. We are not funded by any agencies or any one church. No donation is too small and we bless you for your help. If you would like to donate please send your tax deductible donation to the following -- with a separate note attached. Just write our names on that separate note and it will come directly to us. Our mission sending agency takes care of these details thus making it possible for us to concentrate on our work. Please send to:
International Gospel Outreach (IGO)
PO Box 1008
Semmes, AL 36575-1008
Thank you!

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