Friday, November 15, 2013

49 Years Later = REST!!!!!

When I finally made the appointment for him and found out the results I think I was the only one that was not surprised.  But this morning did surprise me!

Monty hasn't had one night of real restful sleep in . . . probably since he was born!

And last night . . . night one!!!!!

He finally got the machine!!  He stopped by the shop after work and after a 90 minute lesson in how to use it and getting it all set up he was home.

And sadly, he now has a really nasty cold and when he came in the door after 6.30pm he was more than dragging.  His voice was raspy and he was exhausted from just trying to work through the cold both outside and inside of him.

All he could manage to do was get the machine out of the bag and turn over the information booklet to me.  I admit I didn't feel up to reading all of it either so we just went with the professionals set up and left all the rest of the info on the table.

Usually Monty stays up longer than me.  We've found that if I get to sleep first atleast I stand a chance of getting a bit of sleep before he comes in and starts snoring, flipping and flopping and breathing and not breathing . . .

Last night we both went to bed at the same time.  He hooked up the headgear and I really should have taken a picture for you to see.  If we both hadn't felt so bad it would've been funny.

I admit I figured he would get uncomfortable in it and toss it aside during the night.  I did hear him up a couple of times and when I looked, he had it all back on as it should be.  (The long tube isn't quite long enough to reach to the bathroom)    :)

This morning, when the alarm went off --- he was talking to me BEFORE he got out of bed!  Now understand that he sets an alarm for 2 hours before he needs to be at work.  He takes the first hour and just sits in a daze, coffee in hand, watching TV and waiting to get awake.  So this morning -- to be talking to me --- while still in bed with the head gear on ------ I wasn't even ready to talk!!!!  And you that know me know that doesn't happen  (but I am still quite a bit under the weather)    :)

He said he was awake and ready to go.  He was up, made his own coffee, gathered all the trash from the house (and didn't forget to take it out) and was ready to go within the first hour!!!!

I've always said I believe in miracles and this morning I was blessed to witness another one!

Monty's life is about to change in ways he has no idea!  He's not had real rest in forever.  And now?  I am anxious to see the changes!  He was this ready to go this morning when I figured he wouldn't even go to work because of feeling so bad!

God is so good!  This has been another "journey" in watching God's hands and God's timing and being so thankful for both!

He already says he'll use this machine all the time ---- even when he naps!  I think he won't need the 4 and 5 hour "naps" on the weekends anymore!!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . maybe I will also get some real sleep!                     Susan

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