Monday, November 11, 2013

1 . . 2 . . 3 . . = 4

This week has gotten off to a rather rough start.

I knew yesterday I didn't feel well and thought it was just a cold.

This morning I knew something was way off, very wrong.

I did go in and drive my morning bus route but shouldn't have.  Each hour had me feeling worse.

Immediately after my route I headed to the local walk in clinic and yep -- doc's words were, "you're a very sick lady!"  Surprise!

A sinus infection has combined with bronchitis and pneumonia!

So it's off work for the next couple of days and 4 different medications to juggle!

Scripture says I'm already healed so let's get it going!

Until next time . . . I will miss my bus kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                          Susan

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Cheryl said...

Hope you are all well soon! {{HUGS}} and chicken soup ;)