Sunday, February 27, 2011

She did it!!!!

Yes folks -- her very first fitness competition and she comes home with a trophy!!! She took 5th place and it was incredible! When they called her number out of the crowd -- and I mean a crowd of participants -- I thought I was going to faint. And then I looked up and saw her calm and collected smile and so I kept on taking pictures!
She has been training for this for over 4 months and has dedication like no other. I got to meet her 2 coaches today and they agreed that they can designate the menus and plan the workouts but she is the one who had to do the work! And do the work she did! She was relentless! And during it all she got more than her fair share of not so supportive comments but she hung in there -- stayed focused on her goal -- and thus took home the prize!
My heart is bursting with joy for her! To see that smile on her face after it was all over was amazing! She was ready to take a shower and wash off the spray tan -- but first -- she planned on drinking a couple gallons of water since part of the final program was limiting her liquid intake!
Tomorrow she heads home -- a true winner! And a bit more icing on her cake -- she starts her brand new job as a full time fitness trainer at one of the city's largest gyms on Monday!!!!
God is so good!!!!!!!
Until next time . . . thank you, Lord -- thank you!!!!!! Susan and Monty

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