Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He Did It!!!!

This is my Daddy! He just turned 80 years old last month! And yesterday when I went over to visit my parents he wanted my mom and I to come and take some pictures. I can't EVER remember my dad "asking" for his picture to be taken??!!
Nearly 10 years ago he bought a piece of farm land that had an old house and a woods on it. Ever since then, all during the winters, he takes his chainsaw and 6 wheeler and heads to the woods. He cut each and every tree down on his own. He cut some into firewood and the large logs were sold. He has piles and piles of branches and twigs and who knows what kind of critters have been blessed by these large piles of "home."
And now -- he wanted pictures because the last tree is down! Yes, 10 years later and the last tree is down! A true Kodak moment if I've ever experienced one!
They say that age is just a number and we're only as old as we feel and there's no such thing as retirement . . . I say he's a special gift from God -- to me! Yes, I have to share him with my 3 brothers but I am the only daughter so . . .
This Daddy of mine, along with my mother who also doesn't know the meaning of the word quit -- instilled a work ethic in me, a passion for others, a passion for helping, a passion for nature and a love for God that is unsurpassable!!!
I am so blessed and so thankful and am so happy I got to share in the joy of seeing that last tree on the ground and the smile on his face and the joy in his heart!!!!
Daddy, you're the best! You set the bar high in your example to me and I intend to do the best I can but . . .
I love you and Mom so much!
Until next time . . . thank someone in your family for being your family! Susan and Monty

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Katy Sue said...

Awesome. I am so proud of my Grandpa. I think this picture should be printed on a shirt.
"Im 80, whats your excuse?!" =)Such Inspiration.