Monday, February 07, 2011

Congrats Packer Fans

Yep -- the Packers did it! We didn't really have a favorite team but we do have alot more friends in the Wisconsin area than in Pennsylvania -- sorry! We were blessed to go to Tony and Kristen's house last night for a fantastic super bowl party -- restaurants don't have as much food as they did! Wonderful!
The past few days have been days of trying to thaw out -- and not fall down! I wasn't sure we would ever get Monty's truck unfrozen! The doors seemed like they were welded shut but finally we got just enough sunshine on one side that I got it chipped open and then the other side! What a mess! Our front sidewalk, on the north side of the house, just thawed out this afternoon! It's been quite the challenge but we survived!
School is back in session and my grandkids were thrilled when I pulled in to pick them up this morning! Grandma's "sweet ride" back on the road to school!
We've been busy grading homework papers from our missions training school students and all are doing well. This week we will see about scheduling our make up class. Hopefully we can get 2 classes in 1 week so we can get back on track.
Tomorrow is my weekly Bible Study and I am anxious to see how Pastor Martie is doing after her arm and shoulder surgery. They are also planning another trip to Ecuador to survey the land on the mountain in preparation for the construction of the church. I think it might be next month before they can go but . . . I emailed a few of our volunteer teams who have worked with us over the years and told them to brush the dust off their passports and learn a few basics in Spanish as they might need to head south, far south, and build a church! And not at all to my surprise -- they all responded that they would be ready when the time came!!!! Family!!!
We will keep you updated as we are updated. God has some very exciting plans ahead so hang on -- we're going for another ride!!!!
Until next time . . . be safe and be blessed! Susan and Monty

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