Monday, December 10, 2007

Updates and preparations

Yes, it has been a few days since I have written. Things have been quite busy and yet we have found a bit of time to get some rest.

I spoke with Ms Faye and Mike Jr for quite some time this morning. She is still having a tough time adjusting to Mike Sr not being there but the nights are the worst! It's very difficult for her but I continue to reassure her that it will get better. She continues attending church at The Refuge and they continue to love on her and also reassure her that time will help.

Mike Jr is doing well and trying to be there for his mother. I could see him smile through the phone when I told him we would be returning by the end of January! I told him Monty said to get out his tool belt and be ready to work -- for free! He laughed but said he would be ready! We talked about the week of building their home and he remembered how much fun it was. That's a good thing because that guy worked over 14 hours each day and wouldn't leave until we finally made him leave!

The state sign going into Mississippi says "it's like coming home" and that is truly how we feel. We are ready to go and looking forward to being able to reach out and bless more people.

For some local family updates: Monty's grandmother is doing fantastic after her hip replacement. She is moving along quite well with her walker and hopes to be rid of it with a bit more physical therapy! Seeing her smile does the entire family good. His uncle Larry isn't doing as well. He is still at home but struggling with the cancer daily. We thank all of you for continuing to hold this family up in prayer. There are 4 children at home and this has been very difficult for them also.

Monty and I are in the final stages of preparation for our church outreach this Saturday. For atleast 17 or 18 years now we have set up at our mall and wrapped Christmas gifts absolutely free! No donations are accepted and for some, that is nearly impossible to comprehend! We have 8 wrapping stations going for 14 hours that one day. There are 9 people working 2 hour shifts and it is the largest outreach our church has and definitely the most fun for us. That day is pretty much our Christmas day. I stay the entire day. I tried going home for a bit of rest during the day but it doesn't work so I just stay and get to take it all in. Each person who works goes in with the idea of being a blessing to others, and that is exactly what happens. BUT . . . as good as God is, He always turns things around and those who are blessing get to be the ones who are blessed! Isn't is amazing how God works that way!

We pray all of you are coming along fine with all of your preparations for the upcoming holiday. Please remember that it's not about the gifts, the food, the decorations or even the families. They ARE a part, but it's about all of us being saved from our sins and having a reserved place in heaven . . . just because of a little baby's special birthday! Celebrate it with love and let us all count our blessings!

Until next time. . . God bless. Susan and Monty

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