Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Onward Ho!

This has been an extremely busy week. We spent the entire weekend cleaning the camper trailer we will be living in. My brother, Mark, was kind enough to loan us his trailer. It is 24' and in practically new condition. It had been parked for a few years, thus the cleaning process. It will work perfectly for what we will be needing. We will look just like the rest of the residents as they each are living in FEMA trailers.
The behind the scenes work seems to never end. This is an entirely new venture in so many ways and we are all learning as we go. The details will not be all ironed out before we leave but we know God is leading us and He will direct everything to work according to His plan. Our target date is still Monday, Feb. 6th. That exact date will depend on transporting our trailer down there. We have had a couple of offers but the timing has yet to be determined definitely.
This has also been a rough week as our best friend passed away early Monday morning. He had been suffering with pancreatic cancer for months and although we know he is rejoicing in heaven with all the saints we still have the loss and grief here. We will be attending a memorial service for him tomorrow, complete with military honor guard as he was a Vietnam Vet. Your prayers will be appreciated.
There are just so many examples of how God has directed us in this venture that it would take me days to tell of all of them. One that happened just 2 days ago is fresh on my mind. My husband, Monty, was wanting to purchase some specific construction tools to take with us. They were not cheap and he had done his usual research finding the best price. We still had a Christmas gift card for Menards so we decided that would be the best use for it and we would just pay the difference, which was still not a small amount. The very day he went and made the purchase we received a check in the mail from his retirement plan from a previous employer that we did not know even existed. It was for more than we had needed! God is so good!
On Monday I did a radio interview on our local Christian station explaining in further detail just what we hope to do in Pascagoula. We are hoping to keep awareness at a high and thus move the hearts of people to support the victims and the upcoming volunteers, along with helping us with the finances necessary to make this mission successful. We thank you for your prayers in these areas also.
As I promised in the beginning, I will do my best to keep this site updated and appreciate any comments and feedback you wish to post.
May God bless each and every one of you and may we follow the example of Jesus and his love for those in need!
Signing off for today. Susan & Monty

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Ross Niemoeller said...

Go Sister Susan and Monty. I am so proud of the both of you. (Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy)