Monday, November 12, 2007

Update at 5:30pm Monday

You really did step it up a notch in your prayers!

Pastor Rick just called. When Crystal, the church musician, went into Mike's room and called his name Mike opened his eyes and looked directly at her.

Just then a family member also came into the room and turned on the TV. When it came on Mike then turned his eyes away from Crystal and to the TV!

The doctors are going to run another brain scan before the night is over.

God is still in the business of performing miracles and we need to remember that!

Thank you for those prayers and once again, lets all intensify them even more!

As for Monty's uncle Larry, he is still in the hospital. Today they implanted a port in his upper arm where they can get the meds directly into the artery and also give him nutrition. He is unable to keep anything in his stomach so this port should help. The doctors told him to plan on remaining in the hospital through this week. His weight seems to drop daily but maybe with the port . . .

We thank all of you for your prayers! YOU are God's special angels!

Until the next update. . . Bless you. Susan and Monty

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