Wednesday, May 10, 2006

They came to serve

This is our crew from Colorado! When they come to serve they really mean business!

They have been working away in Lucille's house and by tomorrow we should have pictures of her with the team. They started their day at Walmart once again picking up some things they needed and then off to work they went. They worked on installing and staining her kitchen cabinets, installation of her stand up shower, more texturing, priming and painting of walls and more base and trim. They run around like busy ants, all over the place doing so many things at once. When we stopped in late afternoon we saw the best picture of servanthood that I think we have ever seen! The photo should be on the blog tomorrow night! Be sure and stay tuned as you won't believe what you see them doing to serve Lucille!

The mold inspector made it to Barbara's house and it is ready to be loaded with sheetrock. Hopefully the weather will cooperate for tomorrow. We have the wall insulation but will need to see about ceiling as we are out at this time.

We made a trip to Lowes ourselves to prepare for the purchase of the flooring materials for Gladys's house. Thanks to the California team sending the funds needed to bring her house to completion we should be able to make the purchase of the flooring and base trim and be ready for the install in a couple of weeks when we have a skilled team in here. There are a few areas of her floor that will need to be replaced prior to the flooring installation. Those places have nearly rotted away but should be fairly simple to take out and install new. It's going to be a blessed day when we can take Gladys to see the results of her new house and all the blessings will ooze from the walls from all of the wonderful volunteers who have adopted her! Praise the Lord!

We may have some really exciting news coming down the line. We were contacted by a television station who might want to do a special on how God is moving in this area. I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet but be sure to stay tuned to see if everything gets worked out. We need to do everything we can to reach the country and let them know that help is still needed down here, that volunteers are the key and without them rebuilding will be next to impossible. Everyone needs their spirit of servanthood, their love for the people and there display of Jesus that radiates from their soul! Pray that they continue to come and bless the people!

Tomorrow is a very important day for us. We have a special meeting and will let you know the results as we receive them. Please keep us in your prayers that the meeting will follow God's plan.

Speaking of God's plan, the other photo above is that of our newly elected pastor here. Pastor Tim Drake will be interim pastor for the next few months. Please keep he and his wife, Sheri, in your prayers. This church has truly suffered, not only from Katrina, but from some dreadful circumstances prior to the storm and needs a real touch from God. Pastor Tim and Sheri have a tough job ahead of them and can use all the prayers they can get!

We are so thankful that we have been able to be here all this time, following the calling God has placed on our lives. We pray for widsom and strength to continue to know and follow His plan for our lives.

If you would like to invest in our calling you can send your tax deductible gift to us through our home church; Vineyard Community Church at PO Box 3277 in Bloomington, Indiana 47402. Please be sure and make the notation of "Katrina" on your gift as all 100% is sent to us to continue to rebuild homes and lives in the aftermath of the storm. Without your investments we would not be able to continue this work. May God bless you for your servant hearts!

Until tomorrow....and hopefully lower humidity!....Susan and Monty

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